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Edited by August Derleth

Published in 1964 by Four Square Books

A collection

Cover Notes

Stories on a theme in science fiction


This title contains the following stories:

  1. The Star  - by David H. Keller, MD, (short story)
  1. Beachhead  (1951)  - by Clifford D. Simak (short story)
  1. The Years Draw Nigh  (1951)  - by Lester del Rey (short story)
  1. Metamorphosite  (1946)  - by Eric Frank Russell (novella)
  1. The Ordeal of Professor Klein  (1952)  - by L. Sprague de Camp (short story)
  1. Repetition  (1940)  - by A. E. van Vogt (novelette)
  1. To People a New World  (1950)  - by Nelson S. Bond (short story)

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