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Written by Mark W. Tiedmann

Published in 2002 by I Books Inc.

Title 3 in
Robot Mystery series.

This title is also part of
the Asimov's Robots series.

Set in the Foundation universe

Cover Notes

In Mirage and Chimera, author Mark W. Tiedemann explored the fear and hatred toward robots - and their offworld owners - held by the people of the Earth, as established in the works of Isaac Asimov. Now, all the plot threads of Tiedemann's epic story come together as Derec Avery, Ariel Burgess, and their allies try to unmask the mastermind responsible for the assassinations, terrorist attacks, and attempts on their lives. It's trail of interstellar conspirators and murderers that leads the cast - both human and robot - to an unforgettable confrontation on the planet at the heart of the matter: Aurora.

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