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book cover

Written by Piers Anthony

Published in 1977 by Del Rey Books

Title 1 in
Xanth series.

Cover Notes

Bink of North Village has a problem- he is 25 and has not yet discovered his magical talent, and he dreads the impending exile from his beloved Xanth. Determined to remain in the country of his birth, Bink risks a journey to the Good Magician Humfrey, whose talent is information, to find out if he does indeed have magic.

It's a long and dangerous voyage, but Bink finds help along the way: from the beautiful but simple Wynne; from a woman named Iris, whose specialty is illusion; and from Crombie, a wounded soldier who has the ability to sense danger. But when Bink finally gains admittance to Humfrey's castle, the magician is confounded to realize he cannot discover the nature of Bink's gift.

Yet Humfrey is convinced that Bink does have magic- that indeed it is as powerful as any possessed by the King, by the Good Magician himself, even by the forces of evil that threaten the peace of his becharmed homeland...

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