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classic fantasy & science fiction   Telzey Amberdon

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 Telzey Amberdon

created by James H. Schmitz


Telzey Amberdon is the fictional character of the eponymous science fiction short story (and novella) series by James H. Schmitz, taking place in his "The Federation of the Hub" fictional universe in mid-4th millennium. She is introduced as a fifteen-year-old genius, a first-year law student, living on the colonised planet Orado (whose name comes from Eldorado by a pun). By interaction with alien psychic animals on a resort planet, she discovers that she has psychic powers. Upon return to her home planet, her abilities are recognized by a mechanism at the spaceport reentry gate and she is effectively made an agent of the Psychology Service. The series features one of the few imaginings of the internet before its existence—although the system takes a half-hour to download a document of modest length.

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