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created by E. E. 'doc' Smith


The Lensman series is a serial science fiction space opera by Edward Elmer "Doc" Smith. It was a runner-up for the Hugo award for best All-Time Series (the winner was the Foundation series by Isaac Asimov).

Originally, the series consisted of the final four novels published between 1937 and 1948 in the magazine Astounding Stories. However, in 1948, at the suggestion of Lloyd Arthur Eshbach (publisher of the original editions of the Lensman books as part of the Fantasy Press imprint), Smith rewrote his 1934 story Triplanetary, originally published in Amazing Stories, to fit in with the Lensman series. First Lensman was written in 1950 to act as a link between Triplanetary and Galactic Patrol and finally, in the years up to 1954, Smith revised the rest of the series to remove inconsistencies between the original Lensman chronology and Triplanetary.

Titles in series

Main series

  1. Triplanetary  (1934)
  2. First lensman  (1950)
  3. Galactic Patrol  (1950)
  4. Grey Lensman  (1951)
  5. Second Stage Lensman  (1953)
  6. Children of the Lens  (1954)

Other Stories

short story

Cover Images

First lensman
Galactic Patrol
Grey Lensman
Second Stage Lensman
Children of the Lens
Masters of the Vortex
New Lensman
Triplanetary Agent
New Lensman
Dragon Lensman
Lensman From Rigel
Z - Lensman