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 Isaac Asimov's Robot City

created by Various

A subsidiary or ancillary series to the Asimov's Robots series.


The Robot City novels revolves around Derec, a man who has no memory of who he was. Derec journeys to Robot City, a city almost entirely composed of robots. There, Derec meets another mysterious person named Ariel and together the two disprove their role in a murder of an unknown human to the robots. Fleeing an increasingly dangerous Robot City, Derec and Ariel journey to Earth to find the city's creator, the insane Dr. Avery and learn their true identities. As the series goes on, Both Ariel and Derec are repeatedly asked to confront more questions as old ones are answered all of which, no matter how broad, always seem to connect with Robot City.

Titles in series

Main series

  1. Odyssey  (1987)
  2. Suspicion  (1987)
  3. Cyborg  (1987)
  4. Prodigy  (1988)
  5. Refuge  (1988)
  6. Perihelion  (1988)

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