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classic fantasy & science fiction   Harold Shea

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 Harold Shea

created by L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt


The "Harold Shea" Stories is a name given to a series of five science fantasy stories by the collaborative team of L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt and to its later continuation by de Camp alone, Christopher Stasheff, Holly Lisle, John Maddox Roberts, Roland J. Green, Frieda A. Murray, Tom Wham, and Lawrence Watt-Evans.

In the original stories psychologist Harold Shea and his colleagues Reed Chalmers, Walter Bayard, and Vaclav Polacek (Votsy), travel to various parallel worlds where ancient myths and legends are reality. In the course of their travels other characters are added to the main cast, notably Belphebe and Florimel, who become the wives of Shea and Chalmers, and Pete Brodsky, a policeman who is accidentally swept up into the chaos. In the later continuations the most notable addition to the cast is Voglinda, the young daughter of Shea and Belphebe.

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