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 Eight Worlds

created by John Varley


Eight Worlds refers to a series of novels and short stories by John Varley, in which the solar system has been colonized by human refugees fleeing an alien invasion of the Earth. Earth and Jupiter are off-limits to humanity, but Earth's moon and the other worlds and moons of the solar system have all become heavily populated. There are also minor colonies set in the Oort cloud beyond the solar system itself. Faster Than Light travel is not (as yet) possible, though it's mentioned that test-flights will begin soon at the end of "The Golden Globe", and the species has not as yet managed to extend itself to other stars.

The series mostly deals with the ways in which technology and necessity shape morality and society. Instant sex changes are considered a matter of fashion, rather than gender-identity, and many long-standing human sexual taboos no longer exist. Thus the stories are somewhat disturbing to some readers, and maintain a degree of controversy.

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