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 Dellian Robots

created by A. E. van Vogt


The stories are about how events unfold when the giant space battleship Star Cluster uncovers a civilization of 'humans' collectively called The Fifty Suns in the Greater Magellanic Cloud - a culture lost for fifteen thousand years.

The colonists consist of three groups - normal humans (non-Dellian), robots (Dellian) and Mixed men (Dellian / non-Dellian hybrid).

Lady Gloria Laurr is Grand Captain of the Star Cluster. She is seeking to root out the Fifty Suns to bring them under Imperial Earth's dominion. Peter Maltby is a a Mixed Man, a captain of the Fifty Suns Navy and unknown to most the hereditory leader of the Mixed men. He is trying to satisfactorily mitigate their discovery in a way that will temper Imperial Earth's inevitable domination and reassert the Mixed Men as a functioning sub-group of the Fifty Suns' government.

Titles in series

Main series

  1. Concealment  (1943) [short story]
  2. The Storm  (1943) [novelette]
  3. The Mixed Men  (1945) [novelette]
  4. Lost: Fifty Suns  (1952) [novella]

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