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 Cities in Flight

created by James Blish


Cities in Flight is an omnibus volume of four novels written by James Blish, originally published between 1955 and 1962, which became known over time collectively as the 'Okie' novels. The novels feature entire cities that are able to fly through space using an anti-gravity device, the spindizzy. They cover a span of time of many hundred years, from a very near future to the end of the universe.

Titles in series

Main series

  1. They Shall Have Stars  (1956)
  2. A Life for the Stars  (1962)
  3. Earthman, Come Home  (1955)
  4. The Triumph of Time  (1958)

Other Stories


Cover Images

They Shall Have Stars
Life for the Stars
Earthman, Come Home
Triumph of Time
Cities in Flight vol. 2
Cities in Flight vol. 1
Cities in Flight