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headshot of Terry Carr
1937 - 1987

Pen name(s) used by Terry Carr:

Carl Brandon, Norman Edwards


Terry Carr was born in 1937 and got involved in science fiction fandom soon thereafter. He was an outstanding fan writer, won the Fan Writer Hugo in 1973 and was a nominee for the Fan Writer Hugo in 1971 and 1972. Terry was one of the two SF bay area fans responsible for the famous hoax fan 'Carl Joshua Brandon' after whom the Carl Brandon Society takes its name.

He was also a science fiction writer though was principally known as an SF editor. The original Ace Science Fiction Specials series were a product of his skill, as is the revived line. He was also the editor of the best and longest running original anthology, Universe, as well as the most prestigious best-of-the-year collection. Terry lived in the San Francisco Bay area and passed away in 1987.


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