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1962 - PD


Ryk Erik Spoor, born July 21, 1962, in Omaha, Nebraska. Since then he's lived in Vermilion, South Dakota; Atlanta, Georgia; Latham, Schenectady, Albany, Watervliet, and Troy, NY; and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His parents were both teachers (one at local public schools, the other a professor at the medical and pharmacy colleges).

He has degrees of different levels in mathematics and science, psychology, and information science, worked as a burger-flipper, cashier, bookseller, QA and Production Manager, and currently is an R&D Coordinator at International Electronic Machines. He's also been an RPG game consultant, a proofreader and editor, and some other odd jobs he's forgotten.

He married his wife, Kathleen, back in 1995 and they now have four children ranging in age from Chris at 15 to Domenica at about 2.5 years.Besides writing, which has become more second profession than entertainment, he enjoys tabletop RPGs, some computer gaming, reading, fishing, and various fandoms, as well as hanging out online and talking with people. he has been online since 1976 and his online handle, “Sea Wasp,” first appeared in 1977.

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