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headshot of Kenneth Bulmer
1921 - 2005


Henry Kenneth Bulmer was born in London and married Pamela Buckmaster in 1953. They had one son and two daughters and divorced in 1981. Bulmer lived in Tunbridge Wells until he died in 2005.

An extraordinarily prolific writer, Bulmer penned over 160 novels and innumerable short stories, both under his real name and numerous pseudonyms for which he occasionally wrote some ficticious bios.

In the 1970s he edited nine issues of the New Writings in Science Fiction anthology series in succession to John Carnell, who originated the series.

Bulmer's works are popular in translation in some non-English-speaking countries, particularly Germany, to the extent that in some cases they have been published only in German editions, with the original English language versions remaining unpublished.

He also helped create the British comics antihero The Steel Claw. Paul Grist's comics series Jack Staff acknowledges this in the real name of its character The Claw, Ben Kulmer.

Bulmer was also active in science fiction fandom, including travelling to the United States in 1955 as the TransAtlantic Fan Fund (TAFF) delegate.


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