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headshot of Evan Hunter
1926 - 2005

Pen name(s) used by Evan Hunter:

John Abbott, Curt Cannon, Hunt Collins, Ezra Hannon, Ed McBain, Richard Marsten


Born Salvatore A Lombino, he legally adopted Evan Hunter in 1952. Evan Hunter debuted in 1954 with 'The Blackboard Jungle' a bestseller in both hardback and paperback. He has since established himself as one of the foremost explorers of the American psyche. Eight of his ten books have been made into motion pictures or television mini series. He also penned the screenplay for 'The Birds'.

Evan Hunter died Wednesday, July 6th 2005, at his home in Weston, Conn. He was diagnosed with throat cancer three years ago and also had had three heart attacks and triple-bypass surgery. He was 78.


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