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Changes to site

Added this update page, as much as for me as for anyone else.
Added a print skin to cut the detritus when printing any page. A print button has also been added, but it is not necessary as the skin is triggered whether using it or Control-P.
Completed updates to Sitemap Creator and added page groups for media - TV, Radio, Film.
Added Actors and Characters to Media in main menu and moved around head-shots so that they are all together.
Tidied up a lot of code and enabled auto change skin to classic for old versions of IE.
Updates to layout - title moved to top of page as level 1 title, addition of some 'missing' pages and completion of updated and updatedby information.
Corrections made to coding on 'Titles' template which reset page size.

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  • Far-Called   - (15:36 21st Jan, 2015 by Webmaster)
  • Jackelian   - (15:36 21st Jan, 2015 by Webmaster)

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  • Smashwords   - (17:02 6th Feb, 2015 by Webmaster)
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