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1905 - 2000



According to Eric Leif Davin's Partners in Wonder (via Google books), there have been debates over Wilcox's real name, since he wrote under numerous pseudonyms. These included "Miles Shelton," "Max Overton," "Buzz-Bolt Atomcracker," and the female "Cleo Eldon". Strangely, one of Wilcox's pseudonyms seems to have been taken from his wife's name, Helen Miles Shelton (this from her obituary and these cemetery records - a bit of a morbid source of information, I admit). Davin is quite certain that "Don Wilcox" was his real name, although most sources give it as the pen name of Cleo Eldon Wilcox (in The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction, Clute and Nicholls incorrectly claim his real name is "Cleo Eldon Knox"). Quite a puzzle to put together!


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