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classic fantasy & science fiction   David Wright O'Brien

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1918 - 1944

Pen name(s) used by David Wright O'Brien:

John York Cabot, Duncan Farnsworth


David Wright O'Brien was an American fantasy and science fiction writer. A nephew of Farnsworth Wright, editor of Weird Tales, he was 22 years old when his first story ("Truth Is a Plague!") appeared in Amazing Stories in the February 1940 issue. Between January 1941 and August 1942, it has more than fifty-seven stories published in pulp magazines like Amazing Stories and Fantastic Adventures, most of them written under the pen names John York Cabot, Duncan Farnsworh, Clee Garson and Richard Vardon. Some of the stories where co-written with close friend William P. McGivern - both share an office in Chicago. He keep writing even when enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Force, adding "corporal" before all his pseudonyms. O'Brien died at age twenty-six, while flying a bombing raid over Berlin.


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