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Welcome to Classic-SF website

My aim is for a 'first stop' site for all general queries regarding fantasy and science fiction stories together with links to other sites for 'in-depth' information.

If you have any useful comments or suggestions please forward them to me via email - webmaster at this website.

Galactic Rescue Inc. - read them

I'm taking this opportunity to promote a series of books which I liked and think that you would as well. They form the Galactic Rescue Inc. series by James T Lay.

In bringing back Adventure to the Science Fiction genre, this title joins the ranks of the great space operas of the past which enthralled both young and old.

I started the first volume and immediately joined the heroes on their quest. A rare feeling, I cared what happened to them and wanted to see where they went next.

Date Notes

I've started adding notes to some of the 'Year' pages. If you have a favourite 'fact' from real-life or fiction, drop me a note and if you want me to do so, I'll credit you with the 'find'.

Please Help

If you have a little money to spare and you could donate a small amount to keep the site open, then PLEASE HELP.

Message to Writers and Editors

If you are a writer and you are or are not included or you would like to add / correct any information or indeed if there is any content or lack of content to which you object, then again please via the contact page - with details and I'll try to make the changes as soon as I can.