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Classic Fantasy & Science Fiction

New Skin

I've introduced a new layout for the website. This is 'responsive layout', which means that it will automatically flow around to fit the size and shape of the screen and device that you are viewing the page on - [UNLESS YOU ARE USING INTERNET EXPLORER VERSION PRIOR TO VERSION 9].

To change back to the previous version of the layout ['classic' skin] select 'classic' from the pull-down which can be found on any page. Likewise to revert to the new skin select 'response' from the pull-down menu.

For your information I shall be noting how many people choose each skin [no identification - statistics only]. If you have any comments, you may contact us in the usual way.

Welcome to Classic-SF website

My aim is for a 'first stop' site for all general queries regarding fantasy and science fiction stories together with links to other sites for 'in-depth' information.

If you have any useful comments or suggestions please forward them to me via email - webmaster at this website.

Please Help

If you have a little money to spare and you could donate a small amount to keep the site open, then please click the button at the top right.

Message to Writers and Editors

If you are a writer and you are or are not included or you would like to add / correct any information or indeed if there is any content or lack of content to which you object, then again please via the contact page - with details and I'll try to make the changes as soon as I can.

News on the SF front

Follow the link for up to date news in the field of science Fiction provided by SF Crowsnest.